Monday, August 20, 2007

What Is WiFi - Understanding The Basics

I recently had a friend ask me "What is Wifi?", and by the time I'd finished giving him my definition of it he was looking even more confused.

You see, I'm used to talking about WiFi with people who already know what it is, so definitions aren't required. When I thought about it, though, it was pretty easy to sum up.

In it's simplest form, WiFi (short for Wireless Fidelity) is high speed internet and network access without the use of wires (phone cables). It's very easy to use and is, in most cases, even cheaper than regular broadband connections. At this time the WiFi coverage isn't as global as it is for Cell Phones, and access is obtained through being in range of a "hotspot" or wireless router. WiFi offers people the freedom to access their information when out and about, without the need to plug into a phone line. You can therefore take your computer network and Internet almost anywhere you go. On top of that, WiFi is generally faster than a normal land line broadband connection. How cool is that?

With WiFi Hotspots on the rise it won't be long before almost everyone has this incredible freedom to roam the Internet from wherever they happen to be.

So that's 'What is WiFi' in a nutshell. I'll be using this blog to discuss all things WiFi, so be sure to check back regularly.

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