Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy First Birthday, Google WiFi

Just taking a break from the "What is WiFi" information today to pass on this interesting tidbit from the guys over at Google. Seems Google has set up a WiFi network over at it's home base of Mountain View, California, and they are celebrating their first anniversary of the service by supplying some statistics for us all.

Now I'm no WiFi guru - I'm just a guy who's interested in WiFi and wants to share what he's learned - but the data that Google has posted sounds pretty damn amazing! From the blog itself:

The network's 400+ mesh routers cover about 12 square miles and 25,000 homes to serve approximately 15,000 unique users each week month. Since the beginning of 2007, traffic has grown almost 10 percent each month, and the network now handles over 300 gigabytes of data each day, sent to over 100 distinct types of WiFi devices. Virtually the entire city has been taking advantage of the network, with 95 percent of the mesh routers being used on any given day.

Pretty incredible stats, huh? The estimated population of Mountain View, California in July 2006 was a whiff over 70,000, so that's over 20% of the towns population 'plugging' into Google Wifi.

WiFi usage is most definitely on the up and up, and as more knowledge is acquired about this technology, and as security concerns are address particularly concerning public access areas, more people will see the advantages and jump on board. Don't be mistaken, the coverage and therefore the usage of this technology WILL grow at an ever-increasing rate. WiFi will follow in the footsteps of Television and Cell Phones, where once the initial skepticism is over, people will be flocking in hordes to be a part of it. Google's triumph in one year is a clear indication of things to come. Knowing Google, as most of us do, they won't stop at Mountain View, and other providers will follow suit as the race to sign up as many users as possible expands. Personally, I think now is the time - before the market is inundated with hype and you get lost in confusion over which set up is best for you.

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